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Cove Products Pet Bowl

Keep your pet hydrated and well-fed with our easy-to-install hanging bowls

Dog Kennel System

Create a safe and comfortable space for your pup with our premium kennel system

Cordless Power Washer

Say goodbye to stubborn messes with our powerful cordless washer

Complete PRO Kennel

Give your pet room to roam with our spacious and durable kennel


Say goodbye to pesky pet hair clinging to your car seats!


4′ X 4′ Raised Dog Kennel Run Flooring


Cove Products (2 PCS) 2′ x 4′ SNAP TOGEHTER PANELS

In-Ground Dog Kennel Septic Tank


Waste Management & Sanitation Solution

Watering Hanging Pet Bowl


Stainless Steel & Plastic Feeding
Cove Products

Cove Products Dog Waste Eliminator Powder


Cove Products
1-Year Supply

Personal Complete Dog Grooming Kit


Easy Assembly
Cove Products

Large Powdercoated Cage Bank


43″ W x 32″ H x 26″ D
Alloy Steel

Upgrade your backyard for your furry friend

cove products dog kennel
Super Powerful Chip

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From $2,892

K9 Kennel Store

7′ Tall 8’ X 16’ Welded Wire Basic Dog Kennel System

Why Cove Products Modular dog kennels

Durable Alloy Steel Construction

Expertly crafted from high-quality alloy steel, meticulously selected for its durability and resilience, our kennels guarantee years of dependable performance, providing a secure and comfortable haven for your beloved pets.

Single Door Access

Indulge in the ease of access and peace of mind offered by our thoughtfully designed single door feature. Engineered with your convenience and your pet’s safety in mind, our kennels boast a single door configuration that not only simplifies entry and exit but also reinforces security.

Easy Assembly

Hassle-free assembly with our user-friendly design, which includes all the necessary tools and instructions to guide you every step of the way. From unpacking to completion, our straightforward setup process ensures that you can have your kennel up and ready for your furry friends in no time.

View Cove Products most popular kennels

K9 Kennel Store 8’ X 8’ Pro Basic Dog Kennel System


Cove Products

8′ X 16′ Complete PRO Kennel (Galvanized)


Alloy Steel

4′ X 4′ K9 Kennel
7′ Tall 4′ X 16′ Run-Metal Cover


Large Breeds
Cove Products

FAQs about Kennel Castle Dog Houses and Dog Runs

What size dogs are the Kennel Castle dog houses designed for?

The Kennel Castle dog houses are specifically designed for large breed dogs, providing ample space and comfort for them.

How many dogs can the Kennel Castle accommodate?

The spacious dog houses can comfortably accommodate 2-3 dogs, ensuring they have plenty of room to move around.

Are the dog houses elevated off the ground?

Yes, the dog houses are elevated to protect from rain and water entering, while also creating a sheltered area under the dog run.

What materials are used in the construction of the Kennel Castle?

The Kennel Castle is built using wood and steel, both of which are maintenance-free materials. The wood is painted and the metal is powder-coated for long-lasting durability.

Is assembly required for the Kennel Castle?

Yes, the Kennel Castle comes unassembled in a large package but sets up quickly without the need for any tools.

Cove Products for your little furry friends

Winter Warm Plush Cat Pet Mat Bed


Cove Products Puzzle Dog Toy


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Pet Care with Cove Products: Quality Solutions

Cove Products specializes in crafting premium, hassle-free modular dog kennels and a comprehensive range of pet supplies, designed to meet the needs of both home and business settings. Our commitment to quality ensures that each product is meticulously crafted with durability and ease of assembly in mind. Whether you’re in need of grooming essentials or sanitation solutions, Cove Products has you covered. Our versatile lineup is not only perfect for pampering your furry companions at home but also ideal for businesses looking to provide top-tier care for their animal clientele. Experience the convenience and reliability of Cove Products, where quality meets convenience for pet owners everywhere.

Our dedication to excellence extends beyond just providing high-quality products. At Cove Products, we understand the importance of creating solutions that seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle or business operations. Our pet products are not only designed to enhance the well-being of your furry friends but also to streamline your daily routines and enhance the overall experience of pet care.

Whether you’re a pet owner seeking reliable and convenient solutions for your home or a business owner looking to elevate the standard of pet care services you provide, Cove Products is here to support you every step of the way. With our wide range of offerings, including grooming tools, sanitation products, and of course, our signature modular dog kennels, you’ll find everything you need to create a comfortable and inviting environment for your pets.

Join countless satisfied customers who have entrusted their pet care needs to Cove Products. Discover the difference that quality, convenience, and innovation can make in your pet care routine or business operations today.